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Vantage Point: Making Sense of Life from Above

I can count on my fingers the times I've flown in a plane. I've always considered traveling in one a privilege, if not a luxury. That's why I always cherish the moments when I am on the "top" of the world. I always love day flights, especially when I am sitting in the window seat.... Continue Reading →

Bad Ideas About Worship (Part 2)

If you have not read part one, here it is. 3. A successful and powerful worship depends on the preparation of the worship leaders. You are probably thinking by now that the ideas presented here always relate to worship music. Well, that is because that is how many think what worship is: music and singing.... Continue Reading →

Bad Ideas About Worship (Part 1)

Open up your Internet browser and google out the word “worship.” Then, click on the Images tab on Google. The images you see are what majority of people think what worship is: raised hands, musicians in the background, singers in the foreground, dimmed lights, flashing lights, large letters spelling out “JESUS” surrounded by worshipers, or... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Jesus!

In our last article Savior of Superheroes I have warned you about reading Hebrews Chapter 2. For those who listened, well done good and faithful readers! For those who ignored my warning, you rebels , I like you! This follow-up article is an imperfect attempt to help our friends who read that chapter of Hebrews.... Continue Reading →

3 Aims to Hit in Interpreting the Bible

Hermeneutics simply means the science of the right interpretation of an ancient text. When we’re studying the Bible, we have to bear in mind that we are dealing with translated ancient texts that are strange to us. Therefore, it’s not just enough to quote a verse and make a direct application. A popular misquoted verse... Continue Reading →

Savior of Superheroes

I confess I believe in superheroes. I even wear them on my shirt. Well, we all do, don't we? Let’s blame it on the cartoons we were fed since boyhood. Maybe that’s where I got my childish dream: to be a ninja (I also don’t mind becoming a Shichibukai!). It is something why some people... Continue Reading →

3 Things to Avoid in Studying the Bible

We’re all interpreters of the Bible. Every time we read it, our mind tells us something about the passage. But, the question is, are we interpreting the texts correctly? Some might argue that the Holy Spirit will help us as we read the Bible. Of course, He does. But we have to consider that dealing... Continue Reading →

Is the Bible Relevant Today?

One question often asked by young people is this: How can a book written by ancient people in ancient times relate to our culture today? Just because a thing is ancient does not mean it is irrelevant. A lot of people, not only young ones, dismiss the Bible as a relevant guide for living in... Continue Reading →

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