Bad Ideas About Worship (Part 2)

If you have not read part one, here it is.

3. A successful and powerful worship depends on the preparation of the worship leaders.

You are probably thinking by now that the ideas presented here always relate to worship music. Well, that is because that is how many think what worship is: music and singing. A lot of churches nowadays assume that in order to be a successful church, they need a good worship leader. Some call it a worship pastor. A good worship leader by their definition (whether they admit it or not) must have the following qualities: has a good grasp of singing technique, charismatic, and skillful in musical instruments. A pleasant appearance is a plus–really big plus. And of course, he or she must be a mature Christian.

The truth is that most churches have it backwards. First, a worship leader must be a follower of Christ. Period. That means, every one who follows Christ is a worship leader. Every Christian must lead others to worship God. Christian churches must put a stop in making emphasis on “worship leaders” and start empowering church, the people of Christ, to actually lead others to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many out who cannot worship God because they do not know who He is or is having a wrong idea of who He is.

4. An emotional expression of worship is a result of a Spirit-filled, powerful worship.

The true evidence of a real powerful worship does not happen when you are in a hall full of people with dimmed lights, great music, raised hands, cool lyrics on a massive screen, and a worship leader’s soothing voice. The true test of a powerful worship is more likely when you are alone in your room, with WiFi on, smart phone on hand, and an urge to visit a porn site. Real powerful worship runs for the door, hurries out, prays for deliverance, and calls his trusted friends to keep him company. A strong awareness of God’s presence and strong desire to obey His word in all areas of life is the result of a Spirit-filled, powerful worship.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that all who worships God must be perfect people. That is not what I am saying and we are not perfect people. Yet. The crux of the matter is this: bad ideas of worship stem from a wrong idea of who God is. God does not require a perfect worshiper. But He does require that a worshiper must know Him as He is: a perfect, holy God. The more we know God, the more we see how far we are from being perfect. But the more we know Him, the more we must desire to be holy like Him.

And that wraps up the bad ideas about worship. Have you known other ideas about worship that are just as bad? Do you have any thoughts about worship that you want to know if they are bad ideas or not? Hit us in the comments below.

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