Is the Bible Relevant Today?

One question often asked by young people is this: How can a book written by ancient people in ancient times relate to our culture today?

Just because a thing is ancient does not mean it is irrelevant.

A lot of people, not only young ones, dismiss the Bible as a relevant guide for living in today’s culture. Some treat it like how they treat their grandparents’ stories, calling it old-fashioned, irrelevant, and out of time and place. This is due to some assumptions people make with regards to the Bible.

One of the assumptions is that ideas or documents lose their authority and relevance over the course of time. However, just because a thing is ancient does not mean it is irrelevant. A number of ancient documents apart from what is compiled in the Bible still hold authority and significance even in today’s time and technology. Ancient Greek literature and documents from the likes of Herodotus, Thucydides and Homer are used today to study the ancient Greeks’ way of life. Indian epics, Norse legends, Greek mythologies and other literature from different cultures are examined to look into the beliefs that dictated the culture of these ancient civilizations. As an ancient document, the Bible is no different.

Another assumption is that the Bible solely concerns itself on ancient rules and regulations; the dos and don’ts of its writers’ time and culture. This is an uneducated assertion. While the Bible contains things like religious regulations and even dietary rules for a certain group of people, it does concern itself on a variety of topics with regards to the general way of life. In fact, the Bible is comprised of almost all kinds of literary genre there is. The Bible has got history, biography, poetry, prophecy, proverbs, parables, songs and letters. Not only that, the Bible is written by not one, not two, not three, not four but about forty different authors at different periods of time. To make matters interesting, these authors even include their personal experiences, feelings and longings along with what was inspired for them to write about. Even scandalous events and practices are detailed. So nope, the Bible is not just another book of ancient rules and regulations.

The Bible is still the most printed, most translated, most trafficked, bestseller book in our time.

Throughout history, there is no other book more persecuted than the Bible. Emperors and kings ordered all copies of it to be burned, banned and buried. Influential men predicted it not to last another century. Even church leaders, who had the guts to count themselves among the Christians, ordered not to translate it in the language of the common folk. Even more, some old folks from my childhood discouraged us to read the Bible or we would lose our minds. These men came and were no more, yet the Bible is still the most printed, most translated, most trafficked, bestseller book in our time.

The message of the Bible has changed countless lives throughout history. It freed slaves, raised up orphans, reformed prisoners, gave hope to the dying, brought comfort to the lonely, brought peace to murderous tribes, and countless other feats made possible because of faith in the words of its ultimate Author.

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